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About Education Technology Channel in Brief

Education Technology Channel uses state-of-the-art innovative networking solutions to provide hundreds of classrooms with simultaneous transmission of filtered, high-speed access to the ETC channel, featuring the most current, educational media available.

The Education Technology Channel is your one-stop source for contemporary, educational media in the 21st century classroom. All media has been carefully searched, meticulously screened and carefully prepared for display in your school. All media is categorized by subject, grade level and content-rating, so as to be appropriate for your individual educational policy.

Explore Education Technology Channel

  • Explore ETC in Depth

    Find our about Education Technology Channel's pre-screened, classroom-ready media content and much more...

  • Seeing Is Believing - Take A Tour

    ETC provides distance-teaching via live teleconferencing that will enrich your classrooms. See a demo of how classroom teleconferencing is effective.

  • Packages Customized For Your School

    ETC's media platform is custom-packaged for your school needs - your classrooms only view what has been reviewed and rated by ETC and approved by your administrator.

  • FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

    Refer to our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for answers to a variety of questions about ETC's services.

  • Customers Are Our Priority

    We welcome your questions and look forward to visiting with you either in person, by telephone, or online.